When you’re looking for a movie critic you can trust, sometimes it seems like your choices are limited to snobs who wouldn’t touch a superhero movie with a flying Batarang and philistines who give even the worst Adam Sandler flicks a free pass.

T.H.O. Movie Reviews (which is an updated version of editor Bennett Campbell Ferguson’s first blog, The Healthy Orange Movie Reviews) is a blog for people who reject those choices.  Our team of passionate and dedicated movie critics respects the traditions of popular Hollywood filmmaking (we’re big science fiction and fantasy fans), but we also value more avant-garde works (our personal top ten lists include movies like “Moonrise Kingdom,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” and “Lost in Translation”).

T.H.O. Movie Reviews is the blog to turn to for passionate, honest, and insightful reviews of the latest Hollywood blockbusters, high-profile indies, and foreign films.  Devoted to keeping moviegoers informed and starting honest, eye-opening conversations about the wonderful, multifaceted art of moviemaking, T.H.O. is the most essential movie blog you’ll find online.