PATRICK BELIN is a content contributor to T.H.O. Movie Reviews, where he has been writing short film reviews and providing staff commentary in videos since early 2014. As a self-confessed lifelong movie nerd, Patrick has always been more than willing to talk about anything to do with movies, provided that anyone cared to hear what he had to say.
In addition to writing reviews and discussing films, Patrick is currently keeping busier than he cares to be by finishing up his master of arts degree in critical theory at Portland’s Pacific Northwest College of Art, where he aspires to become a professional culture critic. With regard to films, he is a steadfast critic of Hollywood globalization and the role that it plays in diminishing the artistry of present-day film releases.
Patrick lives in Phoenix, Ariz., and also continues to work on other projects within the social sciences (anthropology and sociology).



BENNETT CAMPBELL FERGUSON is the founder and editor-in-chief of T.H.O. Movie Ben CanadaReviews. In addition to running T.H.O., he writes about theater and film for Willamette Week and theater for Oregon Arts Watch. He is also a social-media contributor for The Playlist. 

Bennett has a Bachelor of Arts degree in film production from Portland State University and a master of arts degree in journalism from the University of Oregon. His undergraduate thesis, titled “Rising from the Rubble: Post-9/11 Superheroes” explored the effect of terrorism on comic book movies, including the “Dark Knight” and “Spider-Man” trilogies. 

Bennett currently lives in Portland, Ore.


MO SHAUNETTE is a Seattle-born blogger who moved to Portland in 2011.  In Fall of 2013Mo Bio, he was bitten by a radioactive film critic and subsequently became a contributor to T.H.O. Movie Reviews.  Among his primary influences are critics and columnists of the Internet age, including Bob Chipman, Kyle Kallgren, Lindsay Ellis, Todd Nathanson, and Yahtzee Croshaw.

Mo graduated from Portland State University in 2014, with a BA in film and minors in writing and English. He currently works at a movie theater in downtown Portland and spends too much of his time thinking about cartoons.



MAXWELL MEYERS. Once upon a time, there was a boy living in the unknown town of Milwaukie, Ore., who dreamed of being an Academy Max bioAward-winning actor.  When that didn’t
pan out, he decided to immerse himself in the world of cinema by getting a job that would be fueled by his opinions about movies.

He took the Tarantino approach to his education: he got a job at the local video rental store, watched whatever he had time to put in front of his eyeballs, and gave his opinion to strangers…whether they wanted it or not.

Nowadays, you can find him in a kitchen as a professional baker by day and writing away as a rogue reviewer by night.